It's Been a Hard Week

This week has been hard.

This week has been SO FREAKING HARD.

It has been hard for you, it has been hard for me. It has been hard for her and him and them. It has been a hard week for your neighbor, for the stranger at the grocery store, for people in Italy and China, America, Canada, all over the world. It has been a hard week for your coworkers, for your friends, for family. It has been hard on those that are stuck at home. It is hard for those that still have to go into work. It is hard for kids doing homeschool. It is hard for parents doing homeschool. It is hard for people who don’t have kids. It is hard for married couples, hard for single people, hard for empty-nesters. It is a hard week for people with 100 rolls of toilet paper, it is hard for those that are wiping their butts with paper towels.

This week has been hard.

And for so many different reasons too.

We may not understand why it is so difficult for others, we may not even understand why we are struggling so much. This time we are having is weird. It’s insane. It is as far from normal as we have ever gotten. But, EVERYONE is struggling and although we all are in this big world “together”, going through this “together”, learning “together”, we all are suffering in our own, very personal, ways.

I don’t understand why you are crying.

It doesn’t make sense to me why you bought a pallet of toilet paper.

You can explain it to me over and over again, but why you are so upset about —— will never make sense to me.

Just like you probably don’t understand why any of my struggles are problems either.

But, that doesn’t mean our feelings aren’t valid. They are. Our fears, panic, annoyance, pain, anger, tears, boredom, anxiety and all other feelings are so valid.

Even if nobody else understands them.

2 thoughts on “It's Been a Hard Week

  1. You are an inspiration, in uninspiring times. Feelings are valid, even if they seem crazy and weird. Thanks for the reminder. I absolutely love you đź’—

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    1. Kylie I love your honest, open expression of feelings! Your writing touches my heart because you speak so truthfully things others don’t dare say! I love you and MISS you!


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