Do Not Jump (off your swing).

Remember when you were a kid and the swing was the funnest part of the play ground? You and your friends would get on a swing and go as high as you possibly could, always trying to make it all the way around the swing-set or, in my family’s case, touch the highest leaf on the tree in Camille’s backyard. (shout out to the Nelson kids causing chaos and destruction where ever it wasn’t wanted)

Sometimes you would race to see how fast you could go or how much higher you could get than the person next to you. You could sit on that swing for hours playing made up games, pretending that the swing was a dragons wing or that the ground below was a boiling pit of lava.

Then someone would have the idea to jump.

When I was a missionary, one of my best friends shared this analogy with me. This analogy could be about anything in life. At the time though, it was about the church and the gospel and we made a vow to eachother never to leave the church.

Well, last night, that friend called. He called at the absolute perfect time and the analogy applied to a completely different aspect of life.

I’ve been struggling so hard with an insane amount of feelings lately.

I have felt so high. I’ve felt so good. So worthy and proud and amazing. The feeling has been growing stronger and all I want to do is soar higher and higher and higher! But, I’m starting to look at the ground. I’m starting to question if going higher is even possible.

“Maybe it would be fun to jump”

“It is getting hard to stay up here anyway”

“I bet the adrenaline would be awesome”

“Actually, I’m kind of scared being this high”

“If I jump, I would be safe on the ground again”

Do you know that feeling or is it just me? I can’t be the only one, right?

My point is, when you are on your swing, pushing yourself higher and higher, the thought of jumping is going to cross your mind and I’m here to remind you…


If you jump, you will have to start over. You will look back at the swing and realize all the progress that was left behind.

I don’t care how fun it looks to jump.

I don’t care how hard it is to stay on the swing.

You’re legs might be tired, your patience might be out, your will and your motivation might be depleting, but do not jump.

Instead, look at how far you’ve come.

You are almost to the top.

You have almost touched that leaf.

Stick your butt on that swing and keep pumping.

Push as hard as you freaking can.

Keep going.

Keep getting higher.

Do Not Jump.

6 thoughts on “Do Not Jump (off your swing).

  1. Kylie, not surprisingly, the longer and higher we swing, the more tempting it is to JUMP, SLIP, or DIVE off the swing! But the harder we will hit bottom if we LET GO! I completely agree, you very WISE young lady….Don’t Jump!


  2. Love this one! Made me realize I fell off the swing – heck- I think I dove off the swing! And have been having a hard time climbing back on. I started to forget how good I could feel on. Thanks for the push! Love ya!


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