1-10 :)

1. The warmth of my dog nuzzled in next to me as we fall asleep for the night.

2. A new can of paint.

3. Pipeline Punch Monster Energy Drinks

4. Watching the little girl I nanny skip out of preschool each day and tell me about her projects.

5. When Jordan brings me up a glass of water at night.

6. Getting wedding announcements in the mail.

7. Sleeping in. Taking naps. Sleep.

8. Bright yellow, orange and red autumn leaves.

9. Getting my back scratched and hair played with. 🤤

10. Monthly dinner dates with my best friends.

I wrote last time about how it’s hard for me to accept my own happiness. I received so much love and support from that last post and it made my heart feel that warm and fuzzy feeling that everyone talks about. I am so grateful to have people surrounding me that give me full support.

This is a small list of random things that make me happy. As I was writing it, I realized I could go on to write 100 more things that give me joy.

I encourage you all to remind yourself of the simple things that make you smile. Whether you are happy already, sad, bored with life, feel as if there is nothing worth smiling about or just have nothing else to do today, take time to think of what makes YOU happy.

2 thoughts on “1-10 :)

  1. Love this!
    1. Getting a hug from my husband when he gets home from work.
    2. Feeling him kiss me goodbye on my hair in the morning when he leaves for work.
    3. Bubble baths.
    4. Putting my makeup on.
    5. Country music!
    6. Feeling of the wind in my hair when I’m riding my horse.
    7. A nice cold Dr. Pepper.
    8. Shopping… It brings so much joy!
    9. Cleaning my house!
    10. A full tank of gas in my car.


    1. These are all so so perfect! Thanks for sharing! Hearing what makes other people happy is a good way to remind me of more things that make me happy! Like definitely country music, putting on makeup and a full tank of gas!


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