The Skin I Am In

A few months ago I decided to become a blogger. One of my very first posts was about getting dressed and wearing clothes. Although this is a real subject and something I truly struggle with, the way I portrayed it was against my true writing abilities. I want to be a blogger (why? we will talk about another day), but I want to be genuine to who I am.

I am scared. I am afraid. I am worried. I am nervous. I am embarrassed. I am negative. I am doubtful.

I am the type of person that puts myself down daily and constantly tells myself I am not good enough. i believe that putting on clothes in the morning truly is difficult. I actually believe that it is one of my least favorite parts the day. But, I don’t need to create a list on how to do it better and I don’t need to change that about me in one month just to experience a different perspective.The honest reason I hate wearing the clothes is because I don’t feel comfortable in them. I don’t feel as if I have the best body for clothes and like nothing fits me correctly. I feel like I’m never dressed the style that shows my personality and like my fashion sense is lacking. I don’t feel good enough.

I get scared. I become afraid. I get worried. I get nervous. I get embarrassed. I become negative. I doubt.

Like so many humans in this world, I am not comfortable with who I am. But, I’m trying. I’m working on it each day. And although I feel as if my pants make my thighs look too thick and my shirt shows off my unwanted chub, I can still be confident in the person on the inside and I can still believe in myself. Even though I’m uncomfortable in my clothes, I can still be comfortable in the skin I am in.

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