Specific Prayers Recieve Specific Answers

I’m about to share some gold with you.

Advice that you will soon feel very privileged to have heard. Words that only few know. Advice that changed my entire perspective on life the day I heard it.

Specific prayers receive specific answers.

That’s right. God blesses you with the specific answers that you are looking for daily. The reason you aren’t receiving those answers? You haven’t asked.
Let me put this into perspective for you. An analogy if you will. You are sitting at a restaurant and (I know this isn’t always the case, but for the sake of the analogy just go with it) your waiter is there to help you, answer questions, take your order, kindly ask about your meal and so on. Your waiter is checking on you and always doing so with a smile, she comes to you and asks, “what would you like to drink?

”Now let’s assume you really wanted a Diet Coke; how would you answer?
A. “You’re the waiter, you should already know what I want to drink!”

B. “Soda please”

C. “I would like a Diet Coke”

If you answered A or B, then we need to have a serious talk. If you picked C (which I hope all of you did), then you already know how to use this system.
Putting God in the place of our wonderful waiter, gives a new perspective on all things life. You would never expect your waiter to read your mind and deliver your order, so why would you with God? Answer B, you are on the right track, but if our waiter friend came out with a Dr. Pepper instead of a Diet Coke, you wouldn’t blame them and leave in a fiery fury would you? No, you would understand that you didn’t give her the proper info to get you what you wanted.

Specific prayers receive specific answers

When your waiter comes out of the kitchen and to your table, you tell her exactly what you want. You state it clearly and soon will have that Diet Coke delivered to you.
God loves you. God wants to give you everything you need. God is literally at the edge of His seat just WAITING for you to ask for help, guidance, etc. God is up there saying to himself “please son/daughter, ask me your question, give me your request”. But so many times He receives empty words and vague questions.
“God, I want to marry this man. I want to be his wife and life a happy, strong, spiritual life. What can I do to make marriage with him work?”
“God, I feel as if I am not brave enough to serve a mission. I am scared I will be lonely, homesick, bad at sharing the gospel, tired. I want to do what I have been asked to do, but I feel like I am not ready. What can I do to prepare myself to be a missionary?”
“God, I don’t understand why you took my best friend from this earth. I’m so angry that he left. I’m angry at you. I’m angry at him. I’m angry with myself. I feel so alone, I feel so sad, I feel abandoned. God, help me to feel as if there is hope. I want to feel peace in my life. I want to know that there is a reason for his death. God, please help me to find strength in my day to move forward”
It’s hard. Being vulnerable is one of the most difficult things to do as a human, even when talking to our Father in Heaven. It’s hard to admit what you want, but telling God that you need a stranger on the street to smile at you today rather than saying you want to be happy, is no different than telling the waiter you want Diet Coke rather than asking for cola.
Specific prayers receive specific answers

*side note: sometimes you ask for a Diet Coke, but the restaurant only has Pepsi products. Do you give up? Do you cry? Do you blame the waiter and accuse them of hating you? No. You don’t. You accept it and understand that sometimes your specific request gets specific no. It’s not always positive, but I promise there is always an answer.

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