I recently discovered a few hate pages towards my church. A church that I love and truly believe in. A church that teaches kindness, love, charity, hope, faith, respect, and all other attributes of Christ. A church that believes in Christ, hopes in Christ and lives the teachings of Christ.

And these hate pages… they hurt.

They don’t hurt because they are getting me in the feels

They don’t hurt because it stings truth

They don’t hurt because I feel bad for these people (sorry)

No, it hurts because they are showing how hateful the world can be.

As a nation, a country, a world, we have fought day in and day out to accept and love all people.

Despite their:






We have had civil wars and, do I really have to remind you, world wars. Each war defending other people’s differences.

So my question is: why why WHY are so many people in this world not just against the church, but completely seeking to destroy it?

Why are people hating a church that doesn’t personally affect them?

Why do people set out to hate something they don’t know?

Why is it okay to make a hate page towards my religion, but if we did this towards your religion, your race, your gender, your sexuality, we would the bad guys destined for hell.

The answer is..

It isn’t.

We are all people.

We all deserve respect.We all deserve kindness.

We all need acceptance.

We all belong.

And if there are differences in someone, we need to love them.

My name is Kylie Singleton, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. I believe in my religion and I believe in being kind. I don’t write this to start controversy or to be heard. I write it because I want to and there is something saying to do it.

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