Free Indoor Activities To Get You Out of the House

Now I’m not a mom, and I’ve only been a nanny for under a year, so I’m definitely no pro when it comes to these things, but I am learning and even more than that.. I definitely am trying. As I start this blog, I want to get as much variety out there as I can in hopes of finding my groove and discovering what I like and how I can improve. Because I am striving to broaden my horizons, I decided to write this weeks blog for the “nanny” category. Umm guess we’ll see how it goes. If you’re like me you have kids hanging out with you all day everyday, and you know how exhausting and overwhelming that can be. There are days when I think, “if I don’t get out of this house now, I just might roll out the front door and into a dark corner to hide.” But, because I am a nanny and getting paid (not that being paid is the point, I’d do this for free) to watch these cute kids, I can’t do that. Instead, I need to figure out somewhere to go that can get their restless bodies moving and their “what should we do?” questions to stop.That leads to this post! I wanted to create a list of fun things to do that my kiddos love! This first list (more will come) is based off of free places since, first of all, this isn’t my money to spend (it’s the parents) and second, who doesn’t love a free??


Maybe you’re way smarter than me and already knew about this, but before I was a nanny I had NO IDEA about the fun you could have at the library!✔PUZZLES ✔GAMES ✔TOYS ✔IPADS ✔ANIMALS ✔BLOCKS ✔STORY TIMEOur absolute favorite library is the Salt Lake City Main Branch because, if you’ve ever seen it, you know it is huge, has five floors that these kids absolutely love to visit because of the fast, glass elevator, and activities every single day.

In the past eight months, there has only been one week where I haven’t taken the toddler to library. There are not only weekly story times at most libraries, there are dance parties, sign language classes, puppet shows and so much more. I usually take the two-year-old, but if you look up your city’s library event calendar there are many things for all ages! It’s as easy as googling your local library! Or click the pictures to be linked to our favorite library locations.


Our personal favorite mall to explore is City Creek in Salt Lake City. They have the amazing dinosaur play area in the food court which brings kids imagination to life. It is the perfect place to let out energy with climbing, sliding and running wild! Bonus: there are ALWAYS tons of kids there willing to play.If City Creek is too far for you, check your cities mall to see what they have to offer. Most malls have a kids section for them to run around in. Another favorite mall our kids is South Town, where they have a fun “mountain” scene set up for the kids to play in.

Not only are the play areas exciting, A loves to look at all the fun stores! Our personal favorites are the Disney Store and (unfortunately) Claires. Also at City Creek there is the creek with fish that she loves to look at. The truth is, kids just like to explore and malls are a great place to explore. Click the pictures to be linked to City Creeks website.


In Utah there are so many free museums to take advantage of that we haven’t even been able to explore them all. I feel like I am constantly learning of new places to take the kids and each one is always a success. Some of our favorites include:The Clark Planetarium: Guys I cannot believe that this place is free! It is T’s favorite place to explore, I kid you not! He would go there everyday and explore for hours if he could. There is so much to do and so much to discover! Seriously, if you haven’t been to the Clark Planetarium you are missing out! The Church History Museum: If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, then the bottom floor of the museum is a great place to help your kids understand more of the history of the church. There is a path that leads you through Joseph Smith’s journey. There are interactive videos along the way and a few exciting games for the kids to play while they learn. The top floor is where we spend most of our time where there is a big play room with blocks, videos of Christ, stuffed animals, coloring and origami stations and so much more. Even if you are not a member of this church, this is a fun place to explore.The Hill Aerospace Museum: Honestly, there isn’t very much to do here except for look at military planes and helicopters. T is super into this kind of thing though so it was a perfect fit for us. Even A had a good time running around and looking at the history. It’s not a bad place to go and I would definitely recommend it, just prepare yourself for walking and looking.The Pioneer Memorial Museum: I actually forgot about this place. I remember going there as a kid myself, but have yet to take T and A. I am excited for the next time T has school off so we can explore!

I wouldn’t say that all museums are for everyone. There have definitely been times when the eight-year-old has had a good time, but also been plenty of museums where I get to hear “this is boring”. It’s all about finding what is interesting for you and your kids. I hope to do a more detailed museum post later on, but quickly, I’ve discovered that if there is any sort of interactive section to the museum, T (eight-year-old) will somehow be entertained. Now for A (two-year-old) she’s happy to just be running crazy.


Whether you like dogs, cats or bunnies, the humane society is a great great place to get the kids out! I wasn’t too excited when T came to me saying he wanted to go see some cats (thanks a lot school assemblies), but it really wasn’t the worst time of my life. Not only is it a great way for the kids to have fun, free time with family, it really benefits the animals by helping them feel loved as well as giving them a chance to interacting with people.

I’m not sure about how these things work in other states.. I think the Humane Society is a nation-wide thing.. if not, look into other animal shelters you could visit. Also, PetCo offers the opportunity to visit the animals there.


This one is hard because community events change constantly. One place that we have found to love though is Wheeler Farm: The events at Wheeler Farm are fun and educational, the only problem is that the events aren’t consistent, so you have to keep on it in order to catch all the good ones. P.S. I labeled this as indoor because a lot of their events are inside the barns.Valley Fair Mall is another place around Salt Lake City that hosts events monthly. We have attended story times there, aquarium visits, princess shows and much more. Going to their website is the best way to find these events.

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