About Me

Hey, welcome to my website! I'm Kylie, and although I am not sure how you stumbled upon my little place on the internet, I'm so glad that you're here! I created this website in hope of not only conquering my fears, anxieties and insane life mishaps, but to maybe inspire a few others along the [...]


It’s 9:47 on Halloween night. I have spent the whole day pumping myself up about trick or treaters and passing out candy. I live in a town home and thought there would be a never ending flood of children running to our door. I couldn’t wait to see the costumes. I couldn’t wait to make [...]

1-10 :)

1-10 :)

1. The warmth of my dog nuzzled in next to me as we fall asleep for the night. 2. A new can of paint. 3. Pipeline Punch Monster Energy Drinks 4. Watching the little girl I nanny skip out of preschool each day and tell me about her projects. 5. When Jordan brings me up [...]